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If we had an office, it would be a park like this.

We believe that the yearning for leisure, surprise and a sense of lightheartedness are fundamental needs that reach across cultures and borders. Our offerings are crafted into an exciting, unexpected park of treats that will infuse creativity into your user interactions and capture the most valuable resources: time and attention.

Webing™ – The Giveaway Company

Webing is the international giveaway company that helps companies reach and retain their consumers through giveaways and contests.
A multidisciplinary team that combines Marketing, Tech and Legal skills offering complete solutions to run giveaways and prize promotions Worldwide.

100% location-independent since 2008.

Meta Business Partner Webing

Webing is one of the very few badged Meta™ Business Partners. The Badge is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards in terms of performance and services.

Webing - Manychat Messenger Marketing Expert

We are Messenger Marketing Expert and Agency Partner of Manychat™, one of the few companies recommended to manage chatbot marketing campaigns. Yes, we use chatbots in our giveaways.

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No one can stop the waves.
But everyone can learn to surf them and have fun!

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Our Mission, at your service

We offer complete Giveaway Marketing solutions, organising and running giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and TikTok.

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Giveaway Marketing

The strategic support for choosing the best giveaway and contest formats.

Innovative formats for running giveaways on social media.

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gheev by Webing™: our Managed Platform for managing giveaways and contests Worldwide.

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Legal management of giveaways and contests for our clients (think terms and conditions for sweepstakes contests, giveaways and games of chance.

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20 years of experience

Our founder Andrea D’Ottavio, in over 20 years, has worked on digital marketing projects and organised giveaways for multinationals in many different sectors in Europe, Asia and the United States. A speaker and author, he gives talks and workshops at the most important events on the international digital scene.
Visit this site if you want to book Andrea as a speaker at your next event.

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