Instagram Giveaway + Quiz = InstaQuiz!

Launch your next giveaway with a quiz on Instagram.
InstaQuiz is the first quiz giveaway for Instagram (and Facebook).

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Quiz Instagram Giveaway

With IGEASY you can now run Instagram quiz giveaways using InstaQuiz. Post questions and ask the community to answer directly in the comments. Sort all correct answers automatically!


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Come funziona

Publish posts with questions and receive answers in the comments.
Log in to your private dashboard and see who answers correctly, which followers are the most engaged and the fastest to respond.

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The Promoter (You!)

giveaway quiz 1
  • publish posts containing the quiz question, the competition hashtag and 3 answers of which one is correct (e.g. A, B and C)


giveaway quiz 2
  • become profile followers
  • answer the question with a comment
  • invite a friend to participate by tagging them in the comment

Manage Giveaway

giveaway quiz 3
  • Access your Management Dashboard
  • Browse registered participants, correct answers, most active fans, engagement rate and follower increase
  • View and download all data by giveaway, participation period, questions and answers

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