Concorsi su Facebook

Facebook contests

How to organize and run Facebook contests

Facebook contests are a great way to generate leads and “migrate” your audience from Facebook into your company CRM.
But to properly organize prize contests on Facebook brands must take into consideration several aspects, from creative concepts to regulations (both domestic or international, depending on the target of the campaign) to software requirements, just to name a few.

Points to consider are:

  • the type of contest (sweepstake, competition, photo contest, etc.)
  • creative concept
  • terms & conditions
  • develop a Facebook application
  • promote the contest
  • drawing winners
  • operational management during and after the contest

Relying on a good social media agency specializing in Facebook contests is a right choice if you want to make sure to achieve the better results in terms of ROI. It’s also important to rely on a partner with an extensive experience on prize promotions which can also provide legal advice so that your contest meets the requirements of current regulations on prize promotions.

Webing has launched more than 500 contests on Facebook in countries like Italy, UK, Spain, France, USA, UAE and Germany and is an expert partner for those brands interested in launching international prize promotions on social media, or in the above mentioned countries.

How long does it take to organize a Facebook contest?

Thanks to our know-how and experience we can activate Facebook contests quite quickly. Within a working week we can conceive the contest mechanics, provide a draft of T&Cs and prepare all necessary paper work needed to formally launch the campaign.

We run contests on Facebook for brands and organizations including Ferrari, Alitalia, Meridiana, Hyundai, Euronics, Pepe Jeans London, Ruffino, IBL Bank, Vodafone, the SalzburgerLand Tourist Board, Tommy Hilfiger.



How to calculate the ROI of social media marketing campaigns

Firstly, it seems obvious to say, properly defining the objectives. Some campaigns are launched to increase the brand awareness, others to grow the audience of a social account (e.g. the “followers” or “fans”) and others to get leads for further business initiatives.

For each goal type you should be able to use different concepts and proper metrics to measure the results: for example, if the goal is to increase the awareness of a brand, you probably don’t care about measuring how many leads you get, but you’re likely more looking into the engagement rate, the impressions, the total number of interactions (e.g. comments, likes, shares). We have to admit that in some cases the campaigns have not gone wrong, but simply they have been measured incorrectly or the data that have been analyzed are not the ones that should be taken into consideration.

Our suggestion is to measure and compare the KPIs that apply to your specific case. Over the years we have identified 4 types of KPIs to measure social campaigns according to their scopes:

  • Audience growth
  • Inbound traffic (clicks to website)
  • Leads
  • Conversions