Agenzia social media marketing

We are the first international, 100% location-independent social media agency. Our team is distributed in 3 countries and wherever there is a data connection. We work from coworking spaces surrounded by creative people who want to change the world. And actually do.

We have had offices for over ten years, but eventually realized that our ideal workspace is no more than a laptop, a good wi-fi or 4G, a beautiful city, a bit of nature and a surf spot nearby.

But we are so cool, loving and caring and we understand that sometimes our clients want to give us a big hug! In those cases we move happily and frequently even where we are not present directly. You will often find us in Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, Venice, New York, Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels, Lugano, Basel and Strasbourg. Or we can just get on a plane and meet you!

What we do

  • social media marketing
  • social media contests
  • content marketing
  • community management
  • digital PR
  • lead generation campaigns


Our Focus

Some say we are the leading social media contest agency. We design and manage social contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

We create content, update Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram feeds and Pinterest profiles for our corporate clients. We help international brands to manage campaigns and community engagement in different countries where a local knowledge is necessary.

Among the most popular activities:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social properties update and community management
  • Digital PR, blogger outreach

We do not just offer strategy and creative services: we have developed our own suite of software apps to launch and manage social contests on most social media.


Are you a PR agency and need to launch social contests?

We also work in team with well known global PR agencies who regularly manage social media contests and need a partner who can offer:

  • know-how and experience
  • software applications (eg. social apps)
  • legal advice

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can manage your contests get in touch. 

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