Facebook lead generation

Lead generation on Facebook

We have developed a Facebook app to run and manage lead generation campaigns on the most popular social media. By running a lead generation campaign on Facebook you can offer your users a reward (e.g. free shipping or a discount or a digital download, etc.) and acquire their personal data. 

Our app for database building on Facebook is called Promolead: it enables you to get user data without asking them to fill out a form (Name, surname, email address, gender). You can then use these data for your next newsletter and promotions.

Promolead has very high conversion rate and allows companies to avoid the bureaucracy envisaged by competitions (though obviously you cannot offer prizes).

Promolead is also ideal as a tool for driving customers to offline stores: users are prompted to go to the store to use the coupon or to take an action (e.g. photo in front of a product) or to pick up a gadget.


  • Users log on to Facebook and connect with our app
  • Invite 1 or more friends to access the “reward” (e.g. coupon)
  • Choose their closest store (optional)
  • Receive the coupon by email
Contact us for pricing and more information: info@webing.com