International Facebook contests

International prize contests on Facebook

Organizing and managing international prize contests on Facebook has a significant legal impact. Brands must rely on a partner with a strong experience in international competitions on social media, like Webing.

The complexity is usually related to the countries involved. Each country has its own legislation on prize promotions which may be simple or complex, depending on the country. Regulations are quite different from country to country and what is allowed –let’s say– in the UK, might not be legal in Italy; or when addressing a promotion to the USA not all States have the same laws and a contest which is legal in California isn’t usually allowed in Rhode Island. It is then necessary to draw up in advance a list of countries and the mechanics of the contest and check the limitations imposed by those countries.

The second important issue to address is the type of competition and how you are going to define the winners (eg. draw, ability) and prize values. Skill competitions, for example, are very different from sweepstakes and usually have a different regulatory impact.

The third aspect to consider is the total prize pool: in some cases maintaining the total value below certain thresholds simplifies the procedures.

Webing has organized and run several international competitions in Italy, USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, UAE, and, through a network of specialized law firms, manages both creative and legal/administrative requirements.

We take care of all aspects:

  • design and build the campaign (apps, games)
  • domestic and international regulatory compliance
  • drafting of detailed terms & conditions in different languages
  • prize sourcing and fullfilment
  • global digital PR and advertising campaigns to promote the contests

International prize promotions

We specialize in competitions, giveaways, sweepstakes and contests on social media. Thanks to our strong experience we can organize and run competitions quickly, usually within a few days. We don’t provide “instant competitions”.

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